It is advisable to assemble the tires with abundant neutral grease, in the area of splines and threads. It is VERY IMPORTANT, the direction of rotation of the threads, in the Rudge and Buffalo system, with respect to their location in the vehicle.

Rudge: Thread left side right / Thread right side left.
Buffalo: left thread left side / right thread right side.

In the case of the Rudge system, it is advisable to check the condition of the rifling, since with the deterioration of the splines, there is a risk that traction or braking capacity in the vehicle will be lost in an unforeseen way, due to the sweeping of the splines. Always, when assembling the tire with the spoke rim, it is advisable to check the good condition and position of the camera protector. An important aspect to keep in mind, is that ALL the spokes of wheels, both of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles, must control the tension and state of the spoke.
For the dynamic rolling of the wheels, it is advisable to do it armed with the tires and placed in the vehicle, since the machines for rolling wheels (outside the vehicle) are usually not prepared to properly hold a rim Rudge, Buffalo, RAF, etc. . To this we must add that if the wheel were balanced outside the vehicle, it would be without placing the respective central nut and it would be leaving aside an unbalance factor, since the central nuts are not usually perfectly symmetrical.

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